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‘Taste of Busan 2024’ available now

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Earlier this month, Busan Metropolitan City published its free guidebook, “Taste of Busan 2024,” highlighting local restaurants and cafés citywide. The 22nd edition of the annual food and beverage guide is available in four languages: Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.  

The first edition was published to commemorate the 2002 Asian Games and the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, introducing gourmet eateries to domestic and international tourists to the city. The “Taste of Busan” series has helped visitors looking for local and new tastes while shining a spotlight on many the city’s beloved small businesses. 

Each eatery featured in the guide passed an exacting and multistep review process. First, local hygiene departments compiled a list of 400 establishments based on hygiene management, legal compliance, brand awareness and uniqueness. Then, an expert advisory group, composed of food masters, industry professionals, critics, cultural planners and influencers, visited and evaluated each place.

The final 144 restaurants, cafes and bakeries epitomize the depth and breadth of Busan’s food scene. From family-style eateries serving Korean soul food to multicourse meals featuring cutting-edge techniques and ingredients, Busan has food options to satisfy any gourmand.

In addition, “Taste of Busan 2024” presents a collection of “B-Food” recipes created by Busan chefs. Each recipe is inspired by the city’s unique history, ingredients, cuisine and natural resources, and can be considered as Busan’s representative dishes.

Paper copies of the guidebook are available at tourist information centers, train stations and at Gimhae International Airport. A digital version is available on Visit Busan’s official website (

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