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Free Korean classes from BGCF

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The Busan Global City Foundation offers free Korean language classes to foreign residents. Classes will run for fifteen weeks, from March 4 to June 14.

Enrollment is open from Feb. 1 to 14. To ensure the best learning experience, all potential students must take a level test and apply for the course appropriate to their Korean proficiency.

The language courses are divided into four beginner levels and two intermediate levels; beginner classes are twice a week, while intermediate classes happen once a week. Classes can be taken in the morning or evening and occur in three locations depending on level—Busan Global Center, Busan Global Village or the Youth Do Dream Center.

Visit the website below to take the placement test and enroll for a course. Classes are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. The selection results will be announced on Feb. 28 via text or email.

A 50,000 won cash deposit must be paid on the first day of class. The deposit will be fully refunded to students with an attendance rate of over 60%. Students who complete the program will be issued a certificate. Students who fail to meet the attendance requirements may become ineligible for future BGCF programs. 

Students must purchase the course textbook and prepare other learning materials themselves.

For more information, visit the official website of the Busan Global City Foundation.

※ BGCF Free Korean Class Enrollment, until Feb. 14

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