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[Busan Travel Log] 'Dongam Village', a small fishing village

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"Dongam Village" rests as a quaint coastal settlement nestled in Busan, South Korea, on the edges of the Gijang Peninsula. Its charm lies in the scenic beauty that graces its coastline, offering awe-inspiring natural vistas. Embodying the essence of a traditional fishing community, it showcases age-old fishing traditions and local culture. Here, visitors can observe the serene sight of small fishing vessels moored along the shoreline and wander through charming outlets vending freshly caught seafood, granting an authentic peek into local livelihoods. Moreover, Dongam Village boasts a tranquil coastal walkway, inviting one to immerse in nature's serenity. It serves as a seamless blend of nature, tradition, and modernity, presenting an ideal haven for those seeking a peaceful escape while exploring Busan.

Within this tranquil setting, residents actively preserve a peaceful ambiance, fostering an environment steeped in respect, etiquette, and order. Their dedication to nurturing the village's tranquility ensures it remains an oasis amid the city's bustle, providing a serene sanctuary for those seeking solace amidst its captivating landscapes.

From. Dong-a Kim

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