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[Busan Travel Log] APEC Naru Park: The Perfect Jogging Place

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APEC Naru Park in Busan is a haven not only for its picturesque landscapes but also for its ideal setting for joggers. During the day, the park unveils its scenic beauty, with lush greenery, winding paths, and charming river creating a serene environment. This peaceful oasis provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll or an invigorating jog along its well-maintained pathways.

As the sun sets, the park undergoes a change in its appearance. The twinkling lights add a magical touch, illuminating the pathways and enhancing the park's allure. Amidst this enchanting nighttime scenery, joggers can revel in the serene ambiance, enjoying a peaceful run along the shimmering river and tranquil surroundings.

APEC Naru Park seamlessly merges its daytime charm with a captivating nighttime ambiance, offering both tranquility and scenic beauty. Whether for a leisurely walk or an energizing jog, this park in Busan caters to those seeking natural beauty and a refreshing outdoor experience.

From. Song Jihoon

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