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Daily Busan

The best is yet to come

20231128 2030부산세계박람회 성공 유치 시민응원전(부산시민회관) 07

Busan’s pursuit to host World Expo 2030 has come to an end. Although the city will not host the global event, the 10-year endeavor has transformed the city and established a profound legacy that citizens can be proud of.


Busan initiated its plan to host the Expo back in 2014 and submitted a letter of candidature to the BIE in 2021. Efforts intensified in 2022 when newly-elected Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon and newly-elected Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol made hosting the World Expo a top administration priority.


President Yoon’s “One Team” approach called for central and local government officials to work hand in hand with the leaders of the nation’s largest conglomerates to secure Busan’s bid. As a result, the nation’s most powerful and influential leaders have spent the last two years traveling the world, promoting the city’s global competitiveness and strengthening international relations.


During the process, which included four presentations, an on-site inspection by the BIE, diplomatic missions, international summits and countless events, officials showcased Busan’s multifaceted allure as a tier-one tourist destination, a gateway to the Eurasian Continent, a trade and logistics powerhouse, a global financial hub, a gourmand’s paradise, and the epicenter of Korean culture, film and gaming.


That Busan is all of this, and more, has resonated with people worldwide and drastically raised the city’s global profile. Busan’s city brand is at an all-time high with unlimited room for growth.


Simultaneously, officials have been actively enhancing Busan’s infrastructure to solidify its position as a world-class city. The redevelopment of the Busan North Port, which has a history spanning 150 years, is underway to transform it into a vibrant space converging culture, industry, technological innovation and international exchange. The Gadeokdo New Airport will open in 2029 and complete the city’s “Tri-Port” system, which integrates air, rail and ship transit. The move ensures that passengers and goods can seamlessly travel throughout the region, cementing Busan’s status as a global logistics and transit hub.


While many are disappointed in the outcome, there is no question that Busan has laid the groundwork for a promising future. Over the next decade, the city is poised for transformation. It will emerge as a green, smart city where humans and nature coexist; a technological powerhouse where cutting-edge innovation and progress can flourish; and a welcoming community of diverse cultures.


Above all, Busan will be a haven of happiness, characterized by an exceptional quality of life where people want to live generation after generation.