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[Busan Travel Log] Busan Citizens' Park: A Spot Where BTS V Took a Photo



Busan Citizens' Park offers a tranquil escape amidst the bustling city, a place where nature and urban life harmoniously converge. My recent visit to this park left me with a sense of serenity and admiration for its thoughtful design and peaceful ambiance.

Busan Citizens' Park is also known for featuring a spot where BTS member V took a photo, and it's become a fun tradition for BTS fans to capture their own pictures striking the same pose as V. Of course, I couldn't resist doing the same during my visit.

This particular spot has become somewhat iconic among BTS enthusiasts, providing a chance to recreate a moment from V's visit. It's a lighthearted and enjoyable activity for fans to connect with their favorite artist and share in a common experience at this beautiful park.

Exploring the park and finding this spot added a unique touch to my visit, and being part of this playful homage to V's photo was a fun and memorable moment. It's fascinating how a simple photo spot can bring people together in such a delightful way, celebrating shared admiration for BTS and their members.

From. Kim Yeonjin

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