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Daily Busan

Rice paddy art expresses Expo hopes


As the selection day for the 2030 World Expo host city approaches, anticipation can be seen citywide—even in our rice paddies.

Since 2017, the Busan Agricultural Technology Center has presented rice paddy art to promote city policies and enhance citizens’ interest in and understanding of agriculture. The art consists of planting different colored rice to create an enormous picture on a rice paddy canvas.

This year, the center chose a 1,610-square-meter rice paddy to present Boogi, the city’s seagull mascot. Boogi is holding a banner saying “BUSAN KOREA” to encourage the spirit of the World Expo among citizens.

The young farmer-artists eschewed machinery in crafting Boogi’s image. They planted each rice stalk one-by-one to make better quality art.

Boogi’s rice paddy can be seen on the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit line, between Daejeo Station and Deunggu Station in Gangseo-gu district. If you have a chance to take the line, don’t miss out! 

◎ Daejeo Station: 294 Nakdongbuk-ro Gangseo-gu