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Daily Busan

Beaches to open a month early

부산시티투어 블루라인코스 &40;6& 41; 송정해수욕장_공공누리

Haeundae and Songjeong beaches will open temporarily on June 1. During the month of June, water access will be limited to specific areas; visitors can only enter the water from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and no amenities, such as parasols and swimming tubes, will be offered.

At Haeundae Beach, water access is restricted to a 300-meter section in front of the main plaza. At Songjeong Beach, the access area is a 150-meter section in front of the Songjeong Tourist Information Center.

During beach season, 30 lifeguards, 18 at Haeundae and 12 at Songjeong, will be on duty daily. Lifeguard towers and safety buoys will be installed to prevent drowning and other dangers.

The beaches will fully open on July 1 until the end of August.