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A chance for social media influencers

사하구 서포터즈 


If you are a foreigner living in Busan who is active on social media, you could qualify for the Saha-gu (district) Global Social Network Supporters, wherein you can earn money to use your social media to advertise Saha-gu on popular social media platforms.


You will need to upload posts on a quarterly basis. These posts would be about cultural events, festivals and other items related to tourism in the district. You would also have the ability to create and publish promotional content, which could net you writer's fees. Additional benefits include invitations to the planning of events and participation in the Fam Tour, which tours famous attractions of Dadaepo, Jangrim Port and Gamcheon Culture Village. 


To apply for the Saha-gu Global Social Network Supporters, download and fill the application form either at the official Saha-gu website ( or blog ( Send the completed application form to by Sept. 20. The program will run from Oct. 2019 to Dec. 2020.


사하구 서포터즈