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⁠⁠Several big blazes to celebrate lunar new year


Lunar New Year bonfires light the night skies every year.

Feb. 19 marks the first day the Super Moon will rise in 2019. Because of this, do not be surprised if you find a blazing fire at one of Busan's beaches or parks.
The burning blazes are because of the annual daljip taewoogi (sheaf burning) ceremony for daeboreum (the day of the first full moon of the year, according to the lunar calendar). Daeboreum in 2019 falls on Jan. 15 according to the lunar calendar.
Seollal (Lunar New Year) refers to the beginning of the year, with the daeboreum referring to the first day of farming for the year. While Seollal is all about family, daeboreum focuses on various community events, including well wishes for the new year or fortune readings.
Of course, one of the most representative events of daboreum is the bonfire ceremony. The mound is set ablaze, while wishes for prosperity are made into the night sky. Where will you celebrate daeboreum 2019 come Feb. 19?

■ Haeundae
This festival prepares a sheaf of branches and writings of well wishes the day before the ceremony. On the day of the event, various performances will be held, such as ceremonial dances, a folk song concert and nongak, a traditional Korean song performed by farmers.
Oryukgibum, set for 5 p.m., reenacts the scene of fishery ships returning with a full load of fish to Haeundae Beach against the background of the red sunset-lit sea and seagulls. The bonfire event starts around 6 p.m.
-How to get there: Haeundae Station (Metro line 2), exits 5 or 6. Walk straight to the beach for five minutes.

■ Gwangalli
Local residents make wishes for health and happiness in the new year at this festival. In addition, traditional folk plays will also be performed. Wishes can be written and placed at a booth along the beach starting at 3 p.m. They will then be collected to be set ablaze in the bonfire at 5 p.m. Besides the ceremonies, visitors can enjoy playing classic folk games or simply soak up the Korean culture.
-How to get there: Gwangan Station (Metro line 2), exits 3 or 5. Walk straight to the beach for 15 minutes.

■ Songdo
Songdo Beach continues to gain more and more popularity among Busan beachgoers since the opening of the coastal walkway and reopening of the Songdo Marine Cable Car. Songdo's annual daeboreum festival started in 1999, and the beach now plays host to a variety of programs during the event. Starting at 2 p.m., visitors can experience traditional plays and enjoy the on-site food market. Write your hopes and dreams for 2019 for the bonfire to burn into the atmosphere. The opening ceremony begins at around 6 p.m.
-How to get there: Jagalchi Station (Metro line 1), exit 1. Take buses 7, 9, 17 or 61 and get off at Songdo Beach.