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City's international students learn to work, study, live

Since July, City Hall and the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC) have been operating a series of videos on life and study for foreign students living in Busan on the foun-dation's official YouTube channel. The videos offer a variety of online content beneficial to foreign students who can't fully enjoy life in Busan because of the pandemic. 

City Hall and the foundation selected 20 students from 10 countries around Asia to take part in the project's production. The videos consist of matters pertaining to living and studying in Busan. Students can watch videos detailing the local dialect, tips on enjoying the summer, where to find great res-taurants, how to properly separate recycling and how to open phone and bank accounts. 

△Learn about useful apps via the BISSC's YouTube channel. 

In addition, the BFIC is creating a mobile application on life in Busan. Current and former students of Busan-based universities may contribute writing, photography and video to the service, which is expected to be of great help to international students hoping to get a job in either South Korea or in their home countries after they finish school and graduate. 

City Hall is working hard to bring international students to Busan and plans to help them with additional remote content and programs in line with COVID-19's new non-contact ways. Mean-while, the BFIC is operating the Busan City International Students Support Center (BISSC), through which it provides lectures on employment and information on internships. 

The BISSC also operates a specialized counseling channel for visa changes, psychological counseling and human rights. The operation hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, search for 부산국제교류재단 on YouTube.