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Applications open for Busan Global Center Korean classes

The Busan Global Center has announced its application and course schedule for the year. There will be classes in the first and second half of 2020, as well as a special class in the summer. Application for the first half of the year is available from Feb. 24 to 26. The course will run for 15 weeks from March 2 to June 12 once or twice a week for two hours. 

Classes are free, and any foreigner living in Busan who has a visa for more than 90 days can apply for the course. To apply for the class, you have to visit the center and take a level test. After testing, you will be assigned to a class suited to your level. To enroll in a regular class, you must provide your identification card for verification. 

Phone: 1577-7716


Take the opportunity to learn Korean for free.

◆ Schedule of Korean classes 




 First Half

 Feb. 24 to 26

 March 2 to June 12


 June 22 to 24

 June 29 to Aug. 4

 Second Half

 Aug. 24 to 26

 Aug. 31 to Dec. 11